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Electronics Valley (EV) is a professional portal for a wide spectrum of electronics industries in Turkey, organizing events since 2007 in the fields of defense electronics and aerospace. Through these events, our devoted EV team promotes knowledge sharing, networking and business development among industry leading international companies.

 Press Releases

  • ANKARA, Turkey, January 22, 2015 – Electronics Valley announced today the "4th MILITARY ELECTRONICS SEMINAR" will be held in Ankara, Turkey. The two-day seminar is scheduled for November 16-17, 2015 at the Cultural and Convention Center of Middle East Technical University in Ankara, Turkey.

    Electronics Valley has organized seven highly successful aviation and avionics systems seminars, and three military electronics seminars in Turkey since 2007. The seminars became very popular and significant events in Turkey. The main goals of Electronics Valley in these seminars are to accelerate the development of new technologies, to create synergy among the related domestic and international companies and institutions, to help development of small and medium-sized enterprises, and to educate and motivate young entrepreneurs, scientists, and engineering students. 


    Electronics Valley's "4th Military Electronics Seminar" will be the most comprehensive and exciting one to date. The seminar will bring together key players from the public and private sectors, the academia, and various think tanks. About 1,000 visitors are expected to attend this upcoming event. Most of the participants will be the members of the aviation and avionics sectors (international mil-aero companies, civil aviation companies, universities, and military schools). Top industry companies will display their leading technologies, products and services to the industry professionals. The hands-on workshops will be conducted on both days, along with general and technical presentations covering important industry topics. The participants will share critical business information on the rapidly expanding industries and have an opportunity to meet and exchange ideas with leading industry experts. New Product Introductions Session, 1- and 2-day long Short Courses, and B2B Meetings will also be featured with the support of Electronics Valley partners and seminar sponsors. The participating companies will be able to accomplish lead generation, networking with potential clients, branding, and launching new products.

    All attendees are expected to benefit greatly from this very exciting event.

    The detailed program schedule will be available at http://www.elektronikvadisi.com.tr

    About Electronics Valley

    Electronics Valley is a premier platform for a wide spectrum of electronics industries in Turkey. The portal establishes interactive communications among its members who are interested in specific technologies. Via this platform, the members have access to today’s newest technologies and trends, key domestic and international organizations in the industry and subject matter experts.  The members can easily access the information on the sponsors and the presentations from the past seminars organized by Electronics Valley. The platform provides its members with information in advance for planned seminars.  www.elektronikvadisi.com.tr