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United States
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UASUSA develops Unmanned Aircraft for the civil market. We offer unmanned aircraft to fit any mission. With a combined experience of over 150 years with small unmanned aircraft we have successfully created efficient and reliable systems for markets like Agriculture, Surveying, Education/Research, Emergency Response and many other applications.

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  • Press Release- For Immediate Release
    Contact:  Elise Miller
    Longmont, Colorado


    UASUSA - Civil Servants in the Air -
    Exhibits Revolutionary Payload Advancements at the AUVSI Trade Show

    May 5-7th
    Booth 631

    ATLANTA, GA- May 5-7th

    UASUSA will unveil their fully developed, revolutionary payload advancements at the AUVSI trade show in May.


    Skip Miller, CEO/Founder with the Tempest ET

    Tempest ET:
    The company has designed and manufactured the Tempest ET, a modified version of their proven leading edge aircraft, the Tempest. The plane has added payload storage interchangeable in the wing tip extensions, still offering the same high level of stability, endurance, efficiency and aesthetics as the Tempest.  It was designed specifically for magnetometer use in the mining industry.  The new Tempest ET offers interchangeable regular, extended and payload tips.

    This new high accuracy GPS system will be available through UASUSA! It boasts GPS accuracy for photo mosaic and mapping missions.  Now covers up to 2300 acres per flight with high accuracy RTK GPS. Uses high quality Trimble RTK system with manufacturer specified sub centimeter accuracy.

    Phoenix Aerial Lidar:
    Lidar finally released for fixed wing UAS!  The Tempest carrying Phoenix Aerial Lidar system can cover large areas creating survey grade point clouds.

    About UASUSA:
    UASUSA manufactures, pilots and programs electric, fully autonomous planes that come from sailplane technology. Our company develops and creates complete systems (airframes, cameras, data collection devices and flight training) helping resolve some of the world’s biggest environmental, social and scientific challenges. UASUSA’s planes have helped explore aerial vaccines delivered in Africa, searched for rhino poachers, studied the inner workings of tornados, flown at the edge of space and monitored flood damage.
    Our fixed wing, electric and sailplane models are quite different than the multi-rotor variation more commonly seen. Our airframes are much more stable, travel a greater distance, can handle extreme weather with more reliability and efficiency, carry larger payloads and offer a much more advanced, sophisticated and elegant design.
    Our leading airframe, the Tempest, is cutting edge. The airframe has broken records and expectations of flight time, payload needs and withstanding extreme weather. Currently, the need for a COA (certificate of authorization) is necessary to fly a drone for commercial use. To-date, the Tempest has been issued more COA’s than any other small drone in the world. It has an impeccable reputation of success, reliability and ease of use. Our pilots and technicians are world-class. With changing FAA regulations, “The ability to pilot a small drone by line of sight is becoming an essential part of successful drone flight and safety”, says Skip Miller, Founder and CEO of UASUSA.