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United States
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Meggitt Defense Systems specializes in the design, development, production and support of thermal management solutions for unmanned platforms, and projectile tracking technology that can accurately track bullets to large missile and provide weapon performance data from a target platform or threat notification on a tactical platform. Meggitt Sensing Systems supplies inertial products as IMU AHRS.


  • TPT-4 Plume Target
    The TPT plume target is an infrared augmented target which provides an all-aspect infrared signature for use in evaluation and training with weapons systems and trackers employing infrared guided missiles or infrared fuzed ordnance....

  • The TPT plume target is an infrared augmented tow target which provides an all-aspect infrared signature for use in evaluation and training with IR weapons systems and trackers.  The TPT uses readily available jet fuel which produces an infrared signature very similar to that produced by a jet engine exhaust. There is sufficient fuel for (4) 2-minute main runs and 20 minutes of loiter time.

    The TPT is designed to be flown from any commercial or military aircraft capable of carrying external stores. It can also be flown from sub-scale or full-size drone aircraft.

    When fitted with the appropriate radar lens, it can also be used as a multi-role radar/IR target.

    The TPT is the low cost target of choice for modern infrared missiles or gun systems using IR fused ammunition.

  • Inertial Measurement Unit
    Meggitt Sensing Systems (Sensorex) designs and manufactures both off-the-shelf and custom-design IMUs according to DO standards. Based on MEMS, FOG, CVG and servo quartz accelerometers, our ITAR FREE IMU offers high accuracy and long-term reliability. ...

  • Meggitt’s Inertial Measurement Units (IMU) provide high performance, dynamic angular velocity and acceleration measurements across three orthogonal axes.

    Compact and robust, they are designed for extreme environments. Their design combines the use of three MEMS-based accelerometers and three vibrating structure gyrometers, positioned on each of axis. The use of MEMS technology ensures high reliability and robustness within many applications and environments. The integration of Meggitt’s own digital electronics increases the IMU’s overall accuracy.

    Individual sensor output is corrected for non-linearity, temperature drift and miss-alignment errors. Acceleration, angular speed and temperature outputs are available as differential analog and RS 485 Modbus RTU outputs. Bandwidth may be user-modified through the Modbus, which also has built-in monitoring and self-test functions on each axis.

    2-axis attitude sensors are going to be available mid-year and AHRS in 2016.