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United States
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Racelogic design and manufacture electronic systems to measure, record, display, analyze, and simulate data from moving vehicles. VBOX GPS data logging and inertial systems are an industry standard in measuring speed, position, distance and acceleration; and are used by every major vehicle and tire manufacturer in the world. Racelogic also operate in the field of GNSS simulation: the LabSat is a record and replay system that captures real world, live sky satellite signals for repeatable and consistent laboratory development of GNSS devices. Customized moving or static scenarios can also be created using SatGen software, allowing for a complete and comprehensive laboratory test environment.

Brands: Vbox Speed Sensor + Kalmain Filter and GPS Simulation


  • LabSat GPS Simulator
    LabSat 3 GPS Simulator; the most affordable, portable, and versatile multi-constellation Global Navigation Satellite Simulator on the market....

  • LabSat 3 is a standalone, triple constellation simulator for testing devices on satellite navigation systems; it is capable of recording and replaying multiple raw satellite navigation RF signals including GPS, GLONASS, Galileo, BeiDou, QZSS and SBAS.

    LabSat 3 records and replays real world data, allowing realistic and repeatable testing to be carried out under controlled conditions. Signal artefacts including multipath, ionospheric effects and signal dropouts are reproduced and there are no limits to the number of satellites used in the test.

    Conventional testing usually requires driving the same route multiple times, where conditions vary and satellite constellations change between tests. This can make it very challenging to reproduce and fault find software errors or reception issues with the device under test. Using LabSat 3 saves many hours of work, allowing you to quickly pinpoint errors and verify ‘corner cases’ without leaving the test bench.

  • Speed Sensors
    Based on a range of high accuracy GPS engines, VBOX Speed Sensors offer the ultimate non-contact measurement solution....

  • For those who need a high accuracy speed signal to augment an existing testing setup, the VBOX Speed Sensors connect via CAN, digital, or analogue interface to your own data logging equipment at between 5Hz and 100Hz. All speed sensors feature an IP66 billet aluminium enclosure and Deutsche motor sport style connector, and represent the ideal solution for those that require speed, position, braking distance, or acceleration data without the need for internal logging. The IP66 rating means that each unit is water and dust proof, allowing them to be used in a variety of conditions.

  • SatGen
    If you are testing and developing GPS, GLONASS, BeiDou receivers or applications, then you’ll find SatGen v3 makes your job easier, quicker and more effective....

  • SatGen v3 is Racelogic’s GNSS scenario generation software which enables you to create a data file, based on a user-generated trajectory file that can be replayed on a LabSat GNSS Simulator. With SatGen v3 you can generate a scenario to simulate a test anywhere in the world, with position, route, speed, date and time all defined by the user.

    You might be based in Europe, but your GPS devices will be deployed throughout the world. With SatGen v3 you can create a test scenario based on a user-generated trajectory file for virtually any location, including hostile areas for which live-sky field testing might be possible. This allows you to verify that your GPS equipment design performs as required, in a variety of locations that may be geographically remote from your facility.

  • Data Loggers
    Many aspects of vehicle testing can be conducted using a VBOX data logger, from simple performance evaluation to complex development of the latest ADAS applications....

  • GPS log rates range from 10Hz to 100Hz, and there are options for single, dual, or triple antenna systems - ideal for vehicle dynamics testing. Differential GPS and RTK solutions allow for high positional accuracy, and inertial measurement integration increases the testing scope further.

    VBOX GPS data logging products vary from the 10Hz VBOX Mini, an easy to use but highly capable unit perfect for simple testing and lap timing; through the SX range which brings together survey-grade GPS engines and CAN Bus logging; to the VBOX 3i which logs at a true 100Hz, is available in single and dual antenna variants, and which forms the basis of the VBOX ADAS testing packages.

  • GPS Video and Data Loggers
    As well as capturing GPS and CAN data in the same way as a standard VBOX data logger, the Video VBOX and VBOX HD also record GPS time synchronized video....

  • Adding video to testing, validation, and development is a powerful method of both analysing and presenting your results. Many automotive ADAS (Advanced Driver Assistance Systems) tests benefit from the addition of a VBOX video data logger, configured to display vehicle separation values from both the GPS and vehicle readings, allowing for straightforward assessment of the technologies being developed.