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Ithaca,  NY 
United States
  • Booth: 2911

Incodema3D is a leader in Additive Manufacturing for aerospace. We Don't Just Print Parts, We Manufacture Parts to Print! Incodema3D will satisfy all of your manufacturing needs, utilizing not only our expertise in Additive Manufacturing but also with our extensive in-house finishing capabilities available through the Incodema Group.

 Press Releases

  • Incodema3D, LLC was the first company accepted into StartUp NY, under the charter of Cornell University in early 2014. As part of the StartUp NY program, Incodema3D is partnering with Cornell University, to leverage the technology developed at Cornell and work together to drive the technology further, in the fields of industrial 3D printing and material development for 3D printing. Following this tremendous partnership, Incodema3D opened its new 30,000 square foot facility in Freeville, NY. The new facility currently houses eight(8) DMLS additive manufacturing machines with more on the way. 

    “StartUp NY has given us the opportunity to create synergy between industry and education, to share experience and industrial resources with cutting-edge research, and to foster greater economic success for everyone involved,” said Incodema3D President and CEO, Sean Whittaker. “We are also gaining the ability to share the benefits of this priceless partnership with Cornell University, one of the most prestigious research institutions in the country, with our customers at events like AUVSI.”

    “It’s exciting to see high-tech manufacturing making its way back to Upstate NY. We’re particularly happy to see local manufacturers leveraging 3D printing technologies that Cornell has been pioneering for a long time. It’s the ultimate sign of a rising tide.” - Hod Lipson, Professor of Mechanical Engineering and Computing Science, Cornell University

    Incodema3D is positioned to meet the increasing demands of 3D printing for system-level components in aerospace, medical, automotive, and many other applications.  

    Incodema3D will be exhibiting at the AUVSI Event in Atlanta, Georgia from May 4th-7th. Please stop by and see us at booth #2911.

  • Newcut , a subsidiary of Incodema Group, is excited to announce a new partnership with VTechnical Textiles. This collaboration has resulted in a highly versatile, proprietary technology utilizing a 4mil nylon, tin-copper-silver conductive fabric and processing it with a proprietary chemical etching process. The value added innovation, called NewPowerTex, is creating endless applications for a multitude of industries.

    Newcut’s photochemical etching processes selectively remove sections of metal from the Shieldex nylon conductive fabrics to produce specific designs within the body of the material. Newcut is the first and only manufacturer to master this textile etching to the highest level of accuracy. The mastery level and intricacy of Newcut’s processes create the proprietary nature of the NewPowerTex fabric and the trade secret status is in process.

    For resistive heating, sensors, patch antennae and flexible circuit boards, benefits created by this process include:

    • Significantly more durable and reliable
    • Higher conductivity and flexibility
    • Three dimensional conductive surfaces
    • Advantages for weight and thickness
    • Perform better during wash-ability testing

    “While this type of technology is currently being performed on thin film devices, the innovation here is the technology we developed resulting in a proprietary chemistry for etching the Shieldex fabric,” said Newcut President and CEO, Sean Whittaker. “Our recipe contains various chemicals that inherently should not work, but they do. Our PhD physicist has creatively applied physics to chemical properties and applied them to the textile.”

    Newcut can customize this fabric to meet the needs of many different industry applications, including the demands from aerospace, medical, athletics, automotive, and many others.  

    Incodema Group will be exhibiting at the AUVSI Event in Atlanta, Georgia from May 4th-7th. Please stop by and see us at booth #2911.