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Certified - MAGPIE UAS: Ready for Mission-Critical Operation

Sensurion Aerospace manufactures the MAGPIE MP‐1 UAS. The company employs a team of engineers, certification experts, pilots, and business professionals to develop innovative UAS systems and work closely with customers to integrate specialized payloads for a wide variety of UAS missions. Sensurion Aerospace's MAGPIE is certified by the FAA, via a Special Airworthiness Certificate. As well, the MAGPIE, small fixed-wing UAS, is operational via an FAA 333 Exemption and multiple COAs. Put the integrity, safety, and pedigree of proven systems to work for your business. Sensurion Aerospace and its partners are poised to help integrate UAS into your operations, and help realize the return on investment your company is looking for. -Visit booth 2431

 Press Releases

  • ATLANTAMay 7, 2015  -- A new jobs pipeline program is the result of an innovative collaboration between Sensurion Aerospace (Sensurion) and the University of North Dakota (UND).  The Sensurion UAS Pipeline Program is designed to provide career-building opportunities for graduates of UND's John D. Odegard School of Aerospace.

    "We are thrilled to have access to top graduates from the country's preeminent aerospace training program," noted Captain Joe Burns, Sensurion CEO.  "Our goal is to train and develop employees, retain top talent and grow future leaders." 

    "This will generate some tremendous opportunities for both UND and Sensurion," added Mark Hastings, Chief UAS Pilot, UND Aerospace. "We are excited to be at the forefront of the burgeoning field related to Unmanned Aircraft Systems."

    In addition to providing UND graduates with employment opportunities at Sensurion, the Pipeline Program establishes a framework for broader collaborative efforts in the UAS arena.  A joint working group comprised of the Sensurion Aerospace Training Department and UND Aerospace will team together on future curriculum recommendations, stay abreast of regulatory issues and partner on new education, training and internship programs.  

    About Sensurion Aerospace  
    Minnesota-based Sensurion Aerospace specializes in UAS technologies and developed and manufactures one of the first FAA certified small UAS aircraft, the MAGPIE MP-1. The company employs a team of engineers, certification experts, pilots and business professionals to develop innovative UAS systems and work closely with customers to integrate specialized payloads for a wide variety of Unmanned Aircraft missions. For more information, contact Dan Johnson, Vice President at or via the website

    About UND Aerospace  
    The John D. Odegard School Of Aerospace Sciences at the University of North Dakota is a world-renowned center for aerospace learning, nationally acclaimed for our achievements in collegiate aviation education, atmospheric research, space studies, and computer science applications. With over 500 faculty and staff members, over 1,500 students from around the world, and myriad programs and projects, the John D. Odegard School Of Aerospace Sciences is setting the pace for the future of flight. 


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    FAA Certified – Hand-launched, fixed-wing UAS with modular payload options and multi-hour endurance - ideal for aerial sensing/survey, UAS operator training, data-collection and special-mission operations. MAGPIE MP-1 is ready for your operation - today!...

  • Mission:  

    MAGPIE is a dynamic utilitarian unmanned aircraft with mission programmability, on-the-fly redirection, and smart-sensor technology.



    The aircraft and ground station are easily configurable to a variety of custom mission plans.  The MAGPIE puts flexibility at your fingertips, for immediate results, data-logger storage and archiving, and tailored flight regimes.



    The MAGPIE is available in mission-specific configurations, each further customizable for payload, flight-duration, and communications capability.  MAGPIE is small, hand-launched for simple operation and quick-turn flight operations.  With its variable energy payloads, MAGPIE can be configured for short or longer endurance flights.


    Certification: FAA SAC, 333 Exemption, Multiple COAs

    Construction: Carbon Fiber and other strong, lightweight materials

    Powerplant:  Battery-powered Electric Motor

    Wingspan:  77 in./96 in. (configurable)

    Payload capacity: 3 lbs./5 lbs. (configurable)