FreeFlight Robotics  

Hadlyme,  CT 
United States
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FreeFlight Robotics & MosaicMill welcomes you to AUVSI 2015.

FreeFlight Robotics has fabricated their own USA built fixed-wing drone. We've partnered with MosaicMill as their North American distributor for platforms, sensors and software. In Canada, we are MosaicMill's service & platform provider. We are also a certified integrator of Tetracam sensors. The Phoenix 811 is capable of carrying multiple multi-spectral, hyper-spectral & normalized sensors with capabilities of flying up to 2 hours depending on payload and fuel. Our quad copter, Crop Drone, carries one sensor and can survey 1 Ha (247 acres) in 30 minutes. Our systems encompass a 3-prong approach across agricultural, surveying (erosion, volume-metric studies & oil spill remediation) and 3D stereo photography power lines and right-of-ways.


  • Phoenix 811 (P811)
    The Phoenix 811 is a proprietary US built fixed wing STOL aircraft with a stable 11' wing span. The plane is capable of carrying multiple multi-spectral, hyper-spectral & normalized sensors....

  • The Phoenix 811 is designed and built with products developed in North America.  She is manufactured in the USA.  The aircraft is powered by a 70 cc twin cylinder gas engine allowing for 2 hours flight time depending on payload.  Her large flaps allow for optimum STOL characteristics. Being a STOL she can take off and land on any point of the compass in winds up to 18 mph.  The Phoenix can take off and land in 50 feet.  We are proud users of  Micropilot as our autopilot, which has a proven record for quality and reliability.

    The aircraft is coupled with our Finnish partners, MosaicMill, in a 3-pronged approach taking full advantage of our software and sensors to evaluate conditions related to agriculture, surveying (erosion studies, invasive species, & volumetric studies), 3D stereo photography evaluating power line infringement by vegetation, volume metric studies and right-of-way evalution surveys.  We also couple our platform with FLIR for oil remediation activities.