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C-Astral is an aerospace solutions provider based in Ajdovscina, Slovenia, the “hub” of advanced aerospace development and integration in this part of Central Europe. The company is a global market leader with established reputation in the specialized, fixed wing small UAS integration as well as advanced precision solutions with a focus on high productivity, endurance surveying and remote sensing. Our customer base comprises commercial operators, scientific and R&D users and government entities, using the systems for force protection, remote sensing, agriculture and surveying.


    The BRAMOR rTK (GNSS PPK) UAS is ideally suited for surveying and remote sensing applications that need a quick and industry leading high precision set of results down to sub-centimeter level also in the absence of a grid of ground control points....

  • The system is comprised of an air and ground segment, consisting of a state of the art GNSS on board receiver and ground base station, the BRAMOR rTK blended wing body modular airframe with a lot of sensor options, a portable and ergonomic rugged ground control station and catapult launcher. The BRAMOR rTK UAS combines high precision autonomous operations with data acquisition, turbulent air penetration and stability with long endurance.

    The BRAMOR rTK is the ultimate high productivity tool for global surveying and remote sensing in very remote and less remote areas, with an industry leading endurance of 2,5 hours, an operational ceiling of 5000m AGL and capable of operating in winds of up to 60km/h. Unrivalled.

    The airframe is made of advanced composite materials (Kevlar/Carbon/Vectran) that provide a high level of survivability. A high visibility color scheme, strobe and NAV lights are optional. Embedded autonomous flight procedures include an array of fail-safe options based on man-rated standards.

    The system consists of the air vehicle with a 24.3Megapixel COLOR, INFRARED, NDVI, HYPERSPECTRAL, MULTISPECTRAL or GAS Spectrometer sensor, a foldable portable takeoff catapult and rugged ground control station. The whole system fits into two rugged transport cases or a single backpack. The system is flight ready in under five minutes and safely operated by single operator/pilot in command.

    Equipped with C-Astral high rate GPS and IMU precision data-logging electronics.

    Your processing time will be shortened by the ability to acquire same amount of data and consistent overlaps when flying against or with the wind!

    The field proven C4EYE is appropriate for operations where real-time video surveillance is of utmost importance. With an endurance up to 3 hours and a datalink/videolink of 30 km, the C4EYE is the most capable and affordable UAS in its class in the world....

  • Non-Governmental and private organizations and sovereign actors alike use the C4EYE UAS for a myriad of applications such as Search and Rescue, wildfire containment and mitigation, convoy and transportation support, perimeter monitoring, environmental monitoring, anti-poaching, wildlife observation and research and ice floe dynamics. A myriad of other sensors, options and communications reach extensions are available on these systems.

    The stabilized C-Astral EYE family of gimbals provides electro optical CCD and state of the art un-cooled micro-bolometer based thermal imaging capabilities with the optional laser illuminator.

    The system is suitable both for civilian and military situational awareness use, such as remote infrastructure control, various types of ISR missions, real time urban and low intensity conflict zone surveillance and management, wildfire monitoring, etc..

    Bramor C4EYE is the newest addition to the Bramor UAS (unmanned aerial system) family.

    The Bramor family is ideally suited for remote sensing applications. The vehicle is comprised of a blended wing body modular airframe, with the emphasis on the smallest possible takeoff weight, advanced aerodynamics, electric propulsion, completely autonomous operation, endurance, turbulent air penetration and stability, ergonomic and user friendly ground control station, durability and mobility. The airframe is made of advanced composite materials (Kevlar/Carbon/Vectran) that provide a high level of survivability and low radar signature.

    The system is highly mobile and fits into a MILSPEC, rain resistant backpack with the GCS embedded industry standard rugged package and is designed for fast deployment, flight ready in less than five minutes. It can be safely operated by single operator/pilot in command.

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In what markets are you currently involved?
Agriculture, Construction/Mining, Defense and Security, Energy, Power, Utilities, Industrial, Mapping/Surveying, Natural Resource Management/Enviromental, Oil and Gas, Public Safety (fire fighting, law enforcement, search and rescue, etc), Research and Development, Transportation (Railroads, shipping, etc)