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Canada Pavilion
Gryphon Sensors
Fischer Connectors
DRS Technologies
Centerstate CEO
Textron Systems
UK Pavilion


Coordinates Magazine
Defense House Publishing
Defense News and C4ISR
Defense Daily
EE Catalog
Electronics Valley
Expansion Solutions
Flight International
Flight Global
GIM International
GPS World
IHS Jane's
Inside GNSS
Marine Technology
Microwave Journal
Military Embedded Systems
Nuts and Volts
Ocean News & Technology
Point of Beginning
Robotics Tomorrow
Rotor Drone
Rotorcraft Pro
Rotor and Wing
Servo Magazine
Sea Power
Sea Technology
Tactical Defense Media
UAS Magazine
Unmanned Tech Solutions
Via Satellite
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Association for Unmanned Vehicle Systems International | 2700 S Quincy St, Ste. 400 | Arlington, VA USA
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IAI North America  

Arlington,  VA 
United States
  • Booth: 1029

IAI North America is the US subsidiary of Israel Aerospace Industries Ltd., a leading aerospace & defense contractor providing unique solutions for a broad spectrum of needs in space, air, land and sea. Our subsidiaries are Stark Aerospace in Columbus, MS which manufactures and maintains UAS, electro-optics and aerostructures  and ELTA North America in Fulton, MD that offers innovative electronic systems solutions in the ground, maritime, airborne & security domains to the US Government and the North American C4ISR market.


  • ArrowLite
    Enhanced Collapsible-Wing Micro Tactical UAS...

  • The ArrowLiteTM was designed, developed and manufactured by Stark Aerospace with support from the Program Manager for Tactical Operations Support (PM TOS), Combatting Terrorism Technical Support Office (CTTSO).  CTTSO awarded Stark a contract to develop the ArrowLiteTM system for use by special operations and counter terrorism small tactical units of dominance. Thirteen (13) systems, consisting of 39 air vehicles, associated ground support equipment, and spares have been delivered to date.

    The ArrowLiteTM provides the tactical operator with a rapidly deployable light weight (under 6.5 lbs.) aerial ISR capability: that can be quickly assembled and hand-launched in 60 to 90 seconds after removal from a water proof transport carry case; features a day/night thermal 2-axis mechanically gimbaled stabilized payload with laser illuminator and a NSA Suite B-encrypted mobile mesh network data-link; can achieve flight distances from 5-15 KMs on the data link; can reach dash speeds up to 55 knots; is capable of sustaining flight for up to 2.75 hours (launch to land); and uses the light weight, NVG compatible, Ruggedized Operator Control Unit (ROCU) as the Ground Control Station. The ArrowLiteTM system can survive rugged environmental conditions and can support a variety of missions to include insertion by Military Free Fall (MFF).

  • HoverLite

  • Stark Aerospace, as part of a rapid research and development effort sponsored by the Combatting Terrorism Technical Support Office (CTTSO), offers the HoverLite tactical tethered hovering aerial ISR system. HoverLite provides exceptional asymmetric observation and surveillance capabilities supporting military, homeland security and civilian missions for pop-up surveillance, border patrol, crowd monitoring, and emergency rapid response missions.

    Rising to a height of 165 ft. in ~ 15 seconds, HoverLite is secured by a tether providing power and bi-directional signals to and from the aerial platform and its sensor(s). HoverLite can be operated on the move and broadcasts ISR products to users on the network or local with no signature. The platform is capable of carrying any payload of up to 13.2 lbs.  HoverLite is suitable for a wide range of small platforms including pick-up trucks, ATVs, UGVs/USVs (unmanned ground /surface vehicles), boats, communication vehicles, etc.

    Technical Specifications

    •    Maximum hover height: 165ft

    •    Deployment time: 15 seconds

    •    Wind Limit: 25 Kts ~ 28.8 MPH

    •    T-STAMP-ER electro-optical stabilized gimbal payload:

    o     Stabilization at the nadir by 3-gimbal system

    o     GPS aided IMU on LOS provides target geo-location

    o     Day Channel

        Continuous optical zoom (X20)

        Horizontal Field of View: 2o to 40o

    o    Thermal Camera

        FPA 640x512 pixels, 15µ pitch

        Horizontal Field of View: 3o to 22o

        Continuous optical zoom

    o    Laser Pointer



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