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Mosaic ATM, Inc.  

Leesburg,  VA 
United States
  • Booth: 1902

Free UAS Forecast - go to https://uaxpan.mosaicatm.com

Mosaic ATM, Leesburg, VA possesses a unique combination of technology, industry, research, and aviation expertise.  We conduct research and development, and provide analytics related to the integration of UAS into the NAS. We field a crowd-sourced UAS demand forecasting service - UAXPAN (https://uaxpan.mosaicatm.com). Demand knowledge is crucial to making decisions in investment, communications and in regulatory progress. We produce AVIATE an UAS automated mission planning system that shortens mission planning and safety validation time. 

 Press Releases

  • Mosaic ATM announces the first release of its Unmanned Aircraft System (UAS) crowd-sourced demand forecasting service - UAXPAN.  Accurate UAS demand knowledge is crucial to making decisions in investment, communications system support and in driving ahead the pace of regulatory progress.  UAXPAN is a NASA funded Small Business Innovative Research project currently running as a beta release. Mosaic ATM, teamed with Honeywell International, is inviting government and industry to enter and, by self-selection,  promote their forecasts of UAS operations into a vetted and shared forecast data tool. Accessible by all, the value of having access to accurate growth information can be the pay back to all participants.  This value step starts with providing forecasted use of the UAS Center ranges for lead UAXPAN participants: UAS Colorado, Griffiss International Airport, Mid-Atlantic Aviation Partnership and the Northern Michigan Unmanned Aerial Systems Consortium . 

    Chris Brinton, Mosaic ATM's President said, “We have supported UAS integration into the National Airspace since 2008. Driving this integration ahead using UAXPAN will support aviation authorities, UAS firms and owners in this goal. We invite you to sign-up and start building accurate forecasts of UAS demand and growth.”

    Visit http://uaxpan.mosaicatm.com today and request a free access account. 

    Mosaic ATM, Inc., headquartered in Leesburg, VA, supplies leading edge technologies, solutions, and services to the aviation and defense industries including the FAA, NASA, the DoD, and major passenger and cargo airlines.

    For more information, contact:

    Chris Wargo

    UAXPAN Project Manager

    443-994-6137 / cwargo@mosaicatm.com

  • Mosaic ATM is offerring free early releases copies of it AVIATE UAS Software. Enter you flight plan and AVIATE will assess you flight for a number of constraints and operation events. Ability for safe recover of UAV is build into the assessment. It has implementation in mission planning, command and control situation awareness, advisory pilot flight path selection during system contingencies, and as a future “onboard” contingency intelligence component for autonomous aircraft. 

    The Aviate system considers UAS under emergency conditions (e.g. loss of power) and is capable of producing multiple scored contingency routes generated from any point along the UA flight path.  The innovation consists of an algorithm for generating contingency routes for points along a UA flight plan, and then scoring the generated routes according to parameters defined by the user.  Each contingency route is optimized for avoiding known obstructions while minimizing route length and then scored according to user provided preferences.  The algorithm compiles ground and airspace data (e.g. terrain, urban structures, critical infrastructure, airports, runways, ditch sites, airspace class, FCA, Wind, METAR, TAF, etc.) to build a cost surface and utilizes a hybrid A-Star path finding algorithm with a Dubins path analytic extension for path termination to generate a set of contingency routes.  It then scores each route according to a set of rules and parameters defined by the user.

    Visit our booth 1902 and sign up for a copy of our intial release software. 

    Mosaic ATM, Inc., headquartered in Leesburg, VA, supplies leading edge technologies, solutions, and services to the aviation and defense industries including the FAA, NASA, the DoD, and major passenger and cargo airlines.

    For more information, contact:

    Chris Wargo

    UAXPAN Project Manager

    443-994-6137 / cwargo@mosaicatm.com


    UAS Demand Forecasting: provides a crowd-sourced service for industry, government, and academics to make better decisions in investment, comm design, environmental impact and economic impact. Get a free account at to https://uaxpan.mosaicatm.com....

  • Mosaic ATM’s UAXPAN is a crowd-sourced and cloud-based service that provides users access to accurate decision data.

    Forecasting Features include:

    • Ease of access using a web based service
    • Flexible step-by-step screens walk users through forecast scenario building and reporting
    • Forecast Wizards to ease user entry of demand data and forecast creation.
    • Private and public data partitioning
    • All UAS marketplace players can participate to enhance forecast range and scope
    • Inputs from subject matter experts and firms directly involved in the evolution of unmanned systems
    • Applications provided to support calculation of communication loading
    • Dynamic time display and reporting of missions
    Aviate checks segments of flight paths for safety, clearance, and available route diversions (landing contingencies and safe routes) to produce a visual and numeric flight path score. ...

  • Performs multiple rapid analyses:  

    · Identifies divert locations, based on planned route, prior to launch or in flight

    · Assesses plans and optimizes divert routes around hazards (weather, NOTAM, ATC, etc.) and validates new routes

    · Plans and scores routes between points (including divert locations) based on safety considerations

    · Combines intelligent (re)tasking with optimized routing to produce a layered flight intelligence system for UAS NAS integration


 Additional Info

In what markets are you currently involved?
Automated Vehicle Applications, Defense and Security, Research and Development, Transportation (Railroads, shipping, etc)