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SightLine Applications Inc  

Hood River,  OR 
United States
  • Booth: 1447

How can your system be more? Make your product amazing!

Onboard processing provides the best video, lowest latency, and enables tight, simple system architectures. Low SWAP HW provide integrators with system design choices– from a 3 gram HD processor to a compact multichannel 1080p solution.  Our library of video processing functions can make any UAS amazing.

  • Robust optical landing guidance
  • Tracking, scene steering, gimbal steering/feedback
  • Detection (MTI modes, color, etc.)
  • Video stabilization, roll correction, enhancement
  • Video encoding, streaming with KLV
  • Recording video and snapshots with integrated metadata
  • Multi-camera support including switching, PiP, blending
  • No export license required

Now be amazing.


  • SLA/SLE - 3000
    High-Definition Video Processor...

  • The SLA/SLE-3000 is a single board high definition (HD), multiple channel, video-processing solution well-suited for airborne and ground ISR applications with demands for HD functionality. The board has two digital inputs capable of supporting resolutions up to 1080p and provides a processed, full frame, full frame-rate HD video output.

    The supported Video Processing Library provides a powerful suite of video functions that are key to a wide variety of ISR applications.

    Hardware Overview:

    • Two Digital Inputs up to 1080p/30
    • HD Video output via Ethernet or HDMI
    • Board to Board connection – low profile, small daughter board.
    • RS-232 or Ethernet Command and Control
    • High-Performance TI DSP ® Technology 
  • SLA/SLE - 1500
    Micro Single Channel Video-Processor...

  • The SLA/SLE-1500 is a very small, low power, single-channel processing on-board video solution for a wide range of applications. Processes and streams HD video outputs to 720p. The supported Video Processing Library provides a powerful suite of video functions that are key to a wide variety of ISR applications.

    Hardware Overview:

    • Small Size: 27 x 38 mm, < 8 grams
    • Multiple Video Inputs. Single Channel Processing
    • Video Inputs: HD, SD, Analog, Digital
    • Video Outputs: Encoded to 720p and Analog
    • Tracker Telemetry Output to Gimbal System Controller
    • Onboard Video and Snapshot Recording to MicroSD
    • RS-232 or Ethernet Command and Control
  • SLA - 2000
    Multi-Camera Processor...

  • The SLA-2000 provides a four channel, embedded video stabilization, object tracking, image enhancement system well-suited for airborne and ground ISR applications.
    The supported Video Processing Library provides a powerful suite of video functions that are key to a wide variety of ISR applications. This product is designed to add advanced capabilities to camera systems. It operates on video right at the source, which is key for low latency performance and best video quality.

    Hardware Overview:

    • Up to 4 SD NTSC or PAL Inputs
    • General Purpose16-bit Digital Camera Input
    • Multiple Serial Interfaces (telemetry, C2, and pass-thru)
    • Ethernet Interface (video and C2)
    • Analog SD Video Output (NTSC or PAL)
    • High-Performance TI DSP ® Technology
    • Mil Spec Qualification with Enclosure
  • Software Library
    Video Processing Functions...

  • The Video Processing Library is the foundation for all SightLine Applications OEM products. The library provides a powerful suite of video functions that are key to a wide variety of applications. 

    • Video Stabilization
    • Roll Correction
    • Scene and Object Tracking
    • Moving Target Indication (MTI)
    • Telemetry Data
    • Video Encoding and KLV Metadata
    • HD Video
    • Video/Snapshot Recording
    • Video Enhancement and Overlays
    • Multi Camera Video Presentation
    • SLAnding Aid
    • Difference Detection
  • SLAnding Aid
    Video Based Landing Assist...

  • The SLAnding Aid supports landing operations by automatically finding and tracking an easy to place landing pattern. It provides pattern position, range, and angle to the vehicle autonomous landing logic.    

    • Scalable landing pattern supports landing operations over a wide variety of ranges and approach angles.
    • Independent of GPS, enables accurate landing in GPS-denied environments.
    • Range and angle estimate replaces expensive laser based ranging systems. Inherently eye safe.
    • Integration of telemetry data with Autopilots to provide autonomous guidance. Piccolo and PixHawk integration complete, other autopilot integrations in work.
    • Runs on the SLA-1500 and SLA-3000 video processors.
    • Powerful addition to the full set of SightLine video processing library functions.

 Additional Info

In what markets are you currently involved?
Agriculture, Defense and Security, Mapping/Surveying, Natural Resource Management/Enviromental, Public Safety (fire fighting, law enforcement, search and rescue, etc), Other